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Build a Brand on Trust (& Bit of Funk) with Nemanja Zivkovic

February 28, 2023

Whether you’re an old-school B2B marketer or leaning towards the new wave of creators, one thing’s certain - Dark Social is real. And it’s happening all around us. All. The. Time. 

Our newest Growth Marketing Camp guest, Nemanja Zivkovic, the CEO & Founder of Funky Marketing agency and the host of the Funky Marketing Show podcast, is living proof of that. 

By sharing his thoughts, experiences, and learnings on LinkedIn constantly, he’s managed to cultivate trust for his agency Funky Marketing and his network.

That is how we met him. 

A simple, no strings attached message + an optimized LinkedIn profile = new friends, new speaking/podcasting opportunities, and potential clients! So naturally, we invited Nemanja to join us on the Founder Stories episode to share his career journey.

Our host Jass Binning and Nemanja dig into the topic of creating and capturing demand, the power of leveraging people, their networks, and their relationships to increase your brand awareness and gather months' worth of content.  

Nemanja shares:

🔥 The power of personal connections as a trust builder for your brand

🔥 The story of how Funky Marketing came to be (& how it helped him stand out)

🔥 How he applied his experience in B2C to B2B to skyrocket his business (& close 47 deals inbound in one year).

There’s tangible, real power in working smart vs. working hard, and the benefits of organic, slow, patient relationship building on LinkedIn. This episode will provide tips on how to do it successfully. Check it out!

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Nemanja Zivkovic
CEO & Founder
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