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Busting Thought Leadership Myths with Ashley Faus from Atlassian

October 17, 2023

By day, our newest guest is a marketing whiz, writer, and speaker, crafting compelling strategies from social media and demand gen to events and thought leadership. But when the sun sets, she transforms into a singer, actor, baker and fitness enthusiast.

We’re very excited to welcome Ashley Faus, Director of Integrated Product Marketing at Atlassian, to the show. And just like her tradition to prep for every public speaking event she does with a glittery face mask, we encourage you to get your glitter on because this Growth Marketing Camp episode is so good that you’ll want to dress up for the occasion! (pun intended 😉)

With a writing portfolio spanning TIME, Forbes, MarketingProfs, and The Muse, Ashley is a well-known and highly respected thought leader. She's graced prestigious stages like INBOUND, Harvard Business Review, and MarketingProfs, sharing her extraordinary marketing insights.

And today, Ashley joins our podcast stage for a fun and insightful chat on her incredible career, where marketing brilliance meets the spotlight.

In this captivating episode, Ashley shares:

✨ The definition of thought leadership (& what the most essential elements of it are)

✨ Her 4 pillar framework for thought leadership

✨Thought leadership myths and uncovers the biggest misconceptions (& offers tips on how to get started the right way)

We also hear about Ashley’s journey into thought leadership, her Inbound23 experience, a little karaoke session, and why marketers don’t like being sold to.

If you have time to listen to only one podcast episode today, this is the one not to miss. It’s pure gold! 🥇

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