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Crawford & Company’s Digital Journey with Scott Bynoe

April 19, 2022

Crawford & Company knows that behind every single story is a person. As the world’s largest independent provider of insurance and risk management claims solutions, they get to protect people and companies in their time of need.

In a fast-paced world, Crawford & Company provides their customers the tools and technology needed to make quick, informed decisions. For 80+ years, their core value hasn’t changed. They care about their customers, employees, and company with the same passion and empathy they had when they first started.

In this week’s episode of Growth Marketing Camp, Scott Bynoe, Marketing Director, Global Loss Adjusting at Crawford & Company, shares his advice to tech leaders: never stop innovating - else you risk commoditization. Today, markets are saturated, competition is fierce, and brands that fail to optimize their product value risk losing their market pull. He shares how depth of knowledge and passion is a prerequisite for being excellent at your job and that sometimes having a chaotic mind in marketing, can help you produce beautiful things. 

Scott leads with empathy, curiosity, and covers his list of priorities when taking a new role. Finally, he discusses why it’s essential for every marketing department to have an internal narrative. If you thought that insurance marketing is a dry and somewhat dull industry, you have another thing coming for you!

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