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Creating Inherent Emotions on LinkedIn with Daniel Murray

January 18, 2022

When the new year hits, you often hear people share their goals about building their strength and stamina. Whether they are preparing for a marathon, entering a bodybuilding competition, or want to drop (or gain) a few pounds, they’ll likely go to the gym, invest in some weight training, get outdoors and run. Success is dependent on a plan, exercising the appropriate muscles, and showing up consistently. In much the same way, if your goal is to build your thought leadership on LinkedIn, you have to start with a plan, work your creative muscles, and maintain consistency.

Well, we can’t help you hit your fitness goals but we can help you hit your professional goals.  That’s why we invited Daniel Murray, Solutions Consultant at Clearbit and the Host of The Marketing Millennials Podcast to episode 40 of Growth Marketing Camp. He shares insights behind the magic of his LinkedIn posts, and how simple, reverse engineering and consistency can help marketers open a window into new opportunities and success. 

If your professional goals in 2022 include building a brand and your army of followers on LinkedIn, tune into this episode and learn from the very best.

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