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Cringe Creators: Marketing Horror Stories

October 31, 2023

Welcome to a spine-tingling, skin-crawling, and horrific special Halloween edition episode of Growth Marketing Camp! In the spirit of classic horror tales, we present "Cringe Creators: Marketing Horror Stories." 

Prepare for a ghoulishly good time and join us for a terrifyingly fun conversation as we dive into the darkest corners of content creation. In this episode, explore the yays and nays of LinkedIn as we discuss: 

🎃 The most cringe-worthy content our guests have seen (& created)

🎃 Toxic Positivity: When is too positive too much (& the risk of toxic positivity)?

🎃 Has LinkedIn become the new Facebook for 'personal branding' overkill?

🎃 Ghosting on LinkedIn: Why do some thought leaders / creators vanish? 

🎃 The LinkedIn 'Algorithm Apocalypse' - hot or hype? We’re honored to have some of the brightest minds and some of the most creative content creators in the industry be a part of this special episode. Our incredible guests include: 

🐼 Travis Tyler, Sr. Digital Content Producer at PandaDoc & the Host of The Customer Engagement Lab podcast

🧙 Todd Clouser, The Worst Marketer in the World at Lavender & The Producer of LavenderLand

Nadia Milani, VP of Marketing 

🏀 Morgan J Ingram, Founder & CEO at Ascension Media Productions

It's going to be a scream! So tune in and hear the spookiest marketing stories with chillingly awesome creators.

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