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Deep Dive Into Competitive Intelligence with ClickUp’s Andy McCotter-Bicknell

July 19, 2022

Andy McCotter-Bicknell is somewhat a CIA agent when it comes to Competitive Intelligence. Currently heading the Competitive Intelligence at ClickUp, he’s paving a path for other marketers interested in competitive intel.

Both simultaneously building and running Competitive Intelligence at ClickUp, he shares his knowledge and expertise with his community at every opportunity he can get - as the host of the Healthy Competition Podcast,through his course The Competitive Playbook, and with our community at Growth Marketing Camp

Andy breaks down the importance of having a strong competitive intelligence department at your company, the tech stack he uses, and how to leverage it against your main competitors. He shares the story of why he decided to jump into the world of competitive intelligence at ClickUp and how he’s been able to build this program out from scratch. 

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Andy McCotter-Bicknell
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