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Drive Demand with Email Marketing & Segmentation with Jeremy Fischer from Quantum Metric

January 24, 2023

In this episode of Growth Marketing Camp, we deep dive into the email marketing world with Jeremy Fischer, a Demand Marketing Senior Specialist at Quantum Metric.

Jeremy shares his experience in leading the charge in Quantum Metric’s global email marketing efforts to drive demand, including landing page creation and chatbot strategies.

Our host, Bobby Narang, sits down with Jeremy to discuss the importance of segmentation in email marketing and why it’s crucial to understand the data to tailor messages with maximum impact. And once you’ve maxed out your execution on the email side, why it’s a good idea to work on chatbots and use them as an engine to respond to prospects, segment your audience based on their verticals, and promote assets.

Finally, we touch on the value of hands-on learning and experimentation in mastering marketing techniques and why it’s more effective to get your hands dirty and learn by doing. Check it out!

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Bobby Narang
Founder & CCO
Jeremy Fischer
Demand Marketing Senior Specialist
Quantum Metric