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From Garage Startup to Revenue Revolution: UserGems' Blueprint for Success

July 26, 2023

“We help revenue teams kiss their pipeline anxiety goodbye 👋” - UserGems

Let’s be honest, this is every marketer’s and salesperson’s dream! 

Back in 2019, UserGems was a small startup that started out in a garage by passionate founders with a vision: Being able to keep a pulse on the people you care about most. We’re talking: monitoring the movement of top buyers within your target accounts, keeping track of your customers (especially the biggest champions & advocates), and preventing churn. And today, we are witnessing how priceless their vision was. 

UserGems’ success is almost palpable. And just 4 years in, they’re already harvesting the fruits of their labor left and right. This comes as no surprise when they have a very special gem leading their marketing efforts.

This week, we have the pleasure of welcoming Trinity Nguyen, UserGems’ VP of Marketing. As their very first business hire, Trinity has been crushing it with them almost from the very beginning.

In this episode of Growth Marketing Camp, we discuss:

💎 What’s an account-based strategy UserGems found the most success in (& why it’s all about the mindset)

💎 How to identify and attract highly engaged customers and turn them into an advocate for your product (& what methods to use to incentivize them beyond relying solely on goodwill)

💎 How to leverage your current customers to help inform your strategy and the content you are creating

In addition to this fantastic conversation about all things ABM, Trinity shares her career journey, and we cover the milestone moments in her life that helped her get to where she is today. Giddy up & stream this episode. Enjoy!

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