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From Surviving to Thriving: Proofpoint Marketing’s Origin Story with Gaby & Mike Grinberg

February 21, 2023

The most formidable beginnings have been known to build the strongest businesses. And that is exactly how Proofpoint Marketing’s story began. With an unforeseen family crisis. 

Even though Gaby Israel Grinberg and Mike Grinberg never thought about going into business together, the events surrounding the birth of their daughter forced them to take control of their destiny. They combined their skill sets and experience, and launched their own Agency: Proofpoint Marketing. 

Today, Proofpoint Marketing has made a lasting impression on B2B Marketers and even inspired us to invite them on the show to share their unique, emotional, and powerful founder story. The challenges Gaby & Mike faced in their past roles influenced the foundation and roadmap of Proofpoint Marketing. 

In this episode of Growth Marketing Camp’s Founder Stories, you’ll learn: 

✨ The winning process that helped Proofpoint Marketing nail down its strategic brand narrative. (& the importance of constantly testing, refining, and improving your messaging)

✨ How to build a people-first culture that breaks tired, outdated business norms.

✨ How to accelerate go-to-market message, market fit, and get executive involvement early.

For all people experiencing difficulties in their lives right now, whether that be layoffs, toxic workplaces, personal battles, or even burnout - this episode is for you. Whatever life throws at you, YOU GOT THIS! 💪

So saddle up and get ready to be inspired.

PS. Proofpoint Marketing is looking for more incredible Proofpointers to join their team. They are hiring for a Performance Marketing Manager and will have more exciting roles to fill in 2023, so hit them up!

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