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Fuel Your Brand's Authority Through The Magic of Data-Driven Storytelling

October 3, 2023

Today, we are venturing into the realm of original research and data-driven storytelling.

Meet our newest Growth Marketing Camp guest, Becky Lawlor, Founder and Chief Research & Content Officer at Redpoint, a boutique agency renowned for its stellar work with major brands like Adobe, IBM, Samsung, and Zapier.

With over a decade of experience in B2B tech content creation, Becky's passion for data-driven storytelling and original research helped her set new industry standards and significantly boost brand authority and awareness for her clients. Her unique recipe for success is like fuel that helps businesses skyrocket their brand and thought leadership authority and generate 2-3X more leads. All thanks to original research and data-backed content.

And guess what? Becky’s here to share all her success secrets with us.

In this episode, we discuss:

🚀 Original research survey best practices: How to determine the right survey sample size & obtain respondents 

🚀 The ROI of original research (& how it yields a year's worth of content ideas through audience insights and data analysis)

🚀 Common pitfalls in building out original research (& how to avoid it)

🚀 What lesson has taken Becky the longest to unlearn

We also cover Becky’s unique career journey, the turning point that sparked the idea of founding Redpoint, and the path she took to where she is now. So tune in and get ready to be impressed! 🚀

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