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Get More Bang for your Buck with Event-Led Growth w/ Mark Kilens

June 13, 2023

Building your company brand happens everywhere.

It happens in your email signatures. It happens through your social media presence. It happens through your customers. And yes, it happens through events.

But organizing and hosting a good event takes profound knowledge and passion. And our newest guest, Mark Kilens, the CMO at Airmeet, has the perfect mix of the two.

Before joining Airmeet, he was VP of Content and Community at Drift and served as founder & VP of HubSpot Academy. Today, he’s spearheading the Event-Led Growth movement and joins us on the show to spill all his secrets and give us insights on why marketers should start thinking about event-led growth as a strategy for the future.

In this episode of Growth Marketing Camp, we discuss:

🚀 Why event-led growth is the future (& how companies can shift their mindset to this approach)

🚀 How event marketers can leverage data from virtual events (& what they should  pay attention to)

🚀 Mark’s bullish mindset on people-first GTM motions (& a breakdown of his people-first GTM model)

Success lies in prioritizing relationships and investing in people in today's marketing landscape. Whether it's through events, webinars, or digital platforms, companies that understand this distinction make it big and stand out. Tune in to this episode and use it as a guide on leveraging event-led growth and a people-first GTM strategy! 

PS. Check out ClubPF, a membership club that Mark co-founded with Nick Bennett. It’s a community, a knowledge base, and a destination for anyone looking to evolve their go-to-market to be more people-first.

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