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Growth Marketing Camp’s Happy Hour with Hillary Read

May 10, 2022

Working in tech is a grind, and every once in a while, we all need to blow off some steam and have fun. And this is exactly the goal of this episode, where Hillary Read, the VP of Marketing at WITHIN, joins us to share her career journey - among other things, over our first Growth Marketing Camp Happy Hour.

Hillary talks about the milestone moments that helped her get to where she is now and the importance of recognizing the right opportunities on time. She compares analog and digital marketing, performance and brand marketing, and why your marketing efforts should always aim for long-term.

If you stay until the end, you’ll also learn some of the fun ways she’s getting her remote team interacting, her thoughts on the Metaverse, and where she gets her inspiration from. Grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy. If you love virtual happy hours, you’re gonna have a blast!

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Jass Binning
Director of Marketing
Hillary Read
VP of Marketing