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Harnessing the Power of Owned Media with Anthony Kennada of AudiencePlus

April 16, 2024

Long ago, in the wild wild west of B2B, the loudest voices dominated. It’s safe to say that that’s not the case anymore. Now, standing out demands authenticity, creativity, boldness, and innovation.

Our latest guest embodies all of these qualities and then some. We’re thrilled to welcome Anthony Kennada, Founder and CEO of AudiencePlus, to our show. With a successful tenure as CMO at notable companies like Hopin, Front, and Gainsight, Anthony had to break away from traditional brand-building approaches and blaze a new trail. AudiencePlus didn’t just happen; it was a deliberate response to a market gap.

So he started building software, content, and community to help every company become a media company, quickly becoming a pioneer in the owned media space.

In this episode of Growth Marketing Camp Founder Stories, our host Jass Binning engages in a captivating conversation with Anthony. They dive deep into the evolving world of B2B marketing, exploring the future of brand building, the pivotal role of owned media, and how emerging platforms are reshaping the industry's landscape. They discuss:

🔥 The origin story of AudiencePlus 

🔥 The power of owned media 

🔥 Embracing the community-first approach

🔥 Building an audience before launch (AudiencePlus’ strategic playbook)

🔥 The future of B2B marketing (community, content, and connection)

AudiencePlus’ success was not an overnight sensation, it took years of dedication and community building. Anthony emphasizes the importance of problem-market fit before product-market fit, engagement with the audience's pain points through thought leadership and advocacy, and establishing a strong foundation for product introduction and launch. 

We also touch on their upcoming Goldenhour conference, the new hub for the marketing community. We’ll explore the playbook for building audiences, generating pipeline, and creating value across the entire revenue lifecycle. 

This episode is essential for marketers looking to distinguish themselves in a saturated space. Enjoy!

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