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How One BBQ With Friends Changed Jimmy Daly’s Career Path

February 22, 2022

Growth Marketing Camp, Ep. 43

What do a content marketer and Tom Cruise have in common? They both have to think out of the box to overcome ‘mission impossible’ tasks. For most content marketers, that task is learning to manage up - especially if the executive team has the dollar in - dollar out mindset. 

That’s why we invited Jimmy Daly, Co-Founder, and CEO at Superpath, to join us on Growth Marketing Camp and help our audience cross their T’s and dot their I’s when it comes to content marketing. 

If we know that strategy is only as good as its execution, we’ve surpassed the moment of thinking, “All it takes is applying someone else's strategy and hope it does the trick.” Instead, we need to get intimate with the problem to have a solution for it. The best way to do that is to talk to people. No amount of keyword research will substitute an honest conversation. 

Jimmy shares why he believes humble beginnings, patience, and focus are a winning combination. He also shares the impact of the Slack community that helped build his business and the power of a holistic and diversified marketing strategy. Tune in!

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