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How PDQ Won the Community Building Game Through Trusted Organic Content

February 1, 2022

Growth Marketing Camp, Ep. 41 is all about keeping it real. When they launched a webcast, the founders didn’t want to just be on camera and talk. They wanted their audience, who were mostly located in different states across America, to feel like they were right there with them during each session and make it interactive - the authenticity of it will resonate with their audience. 

And that’s exactly how forged a strong community. Being real in every moment (even when drinking a very expensive whiskey on-stage during live stream) has helped them introduce PDQ as not just another product or service offered upfront but rather welcome their audience into something authentic! Kelly Hammer, Content Marketing Manager at PDQ, joins us on Growth Marketing Camp to teach our listeners how to create content that forges a strong community and the importance of turning your customers into evangelists and promoters. 

When you hear that system administrators are curious about exploring TikTok, you know it’s time to expand your horizons and go on an adventure. Tune in and enjoy!

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Kelly Hammer
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