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How Rachel Cottam Confronts Gender Bias in the Workplace

March 29, 2022

Growth Marketing Camp, Ep. 48

We made a very special episode of Growth Marketing Camp in celebration of Women's Month. And we are thrilled to be joined again by one of our very first GMC guests, a content creator, marketing leader, and our dear friend, Rachel Cottam

Starting out as a high school English teacher, she discovered a world of opportunity lying under her feet, waiting to be seized. And seize, she did. Building a fruitful career, she advanced from a writer at ZipBooks to leading content marketing at Divvy. If that’s not enough, she helped them bag the coveted SAMY award from Utah Business in 2021. Today, she’s Director of Editorial Strategy at Clearlink. 

Rachel also has a side hustle she is very passionate about, and in this episode, we are speaking volumes about confronting gender bias in the workplace. She shares why companies should hire more women in leadership and the importance of building a healthy and balanced work culture. Rachel also shares her advice to men on how to be better allies to women and help amplify their voices.

If you feel passionate about this topic like we do, and want to learn more about how to build a more balanced workplace and help make an impact - here’s a couple of resources:

Ladies and gentlemen, tune in to this limited edition episode and help us fight the good fight together.

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