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How Sweater Forges a Tight-Knit Community with Lorri Kane

July 26, 2022

This week on Growth Marketing Camp, we welcome Lorri Kane, Digital Engagement Director at Sweater and bestselling author of 60 Days to LinkedIn Mastery. 

Sweater is on a mission to democratize venture capital, and Lorri Kane has always wanted to be a venture capitalist. She loved the idea of paying it forward, investing in startups and founders, and helping them pursue their dreams. 

Lorri is here to share the story of how she became a vital part of the Sweater team and joined them on the journey of making venture capital available for everyone. In this episode, Lorri shares how she creates educational venture capital content that distinguishes Sweater from their competition. 

We also chat about what keeps Lorri on her toes, what work-life looks like in a venture capital startup, and how she’s building Sweater’s presence across all platforms. 

As a very special bonus, Lorri uncovers the secret behind the mountain emoji that’s living on her LinkedIn profile, how she built a strong personal brand, and the story of why her favorite word is Pneuma. This episode is the cherry on top of your favorite sundae, so tune in and enjoy it!

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