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How to Ignite Engagement and Unleash the Power of Dark Social & Evangelism with Arthur Castillo

May 31, 2023

Have you heard the hilarious story of how we crossed paths with Arthur Castillo, the Head of Dark Social & Evangelism at Chili Piper? It happened at INBOUND22, and it’s still one of our fave stories to tell. It’s so funny that we often use it as an icebreaker when meeting new marketing leaders. Tune into the episode to hear it for yourself - props to Arthur for being such a sport. 

Naturally, we couldn't resist inviting him to our show, where we eagerly await the opportunity to discuss everything related to dark social, events, and evangelism.

And his career journey, like many of the best marketers featured on Growth Marketing Camp, started outside of marketing, in the wonderful world of sales. Arthur was on a mission to supercharge prospect engagement and was inspired by a RevGenius community suggestion that eventually led him to join forces with Chili Piper. In less than three years, he went from being an AE to singlehandedly building the Field Marketing department from the ground up, and now he's at the helm of Dark Social & Evangelism.

In this episode of Growth Marketing Camp, you’ll learn:

🌶️ What is dark social (& how you can leverage it for your brand)

🌶️ How to successfully combine dark social & evangelism with field marketing 

🌶️ How to make your customer a star of the show (& all the deets)

As a bonus, Arthus shares insights into the digital to physical content flywheel that’s helped them stand out at events and create FOMO. 

This episode will knock your socks off, so don’t miss out!

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