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Illuminating the Path to ABM Mastery with Mason Cosby

February 20, 2024

In the expansive galaxy of marketing strategies, one star burns brighter than the rest - Account Based Marketing. Yet, for many B2B brands, this star is still veiled in mystery, with its true power often overlooked. 

Enter Mason Cosby, the Founder of Scrappy ABM, who is lighting the path and guiding marketers toward ABM success. We’re happy to welcome Mason back into the Growth Marketing Camp spotlight. After a highly insightful chat in episode 58, Mason returns for a compelling encore to share his latest insights and strategies with our audience. 

With a wealth of experience and relentless commitment to adding value to clients, Mason continues to transform the ABM landscape through his business, Scrappy ABM. The insights he’s introducing to the marketing world is a game-changer. 

In this Growth Marketing Camp’s Founder Stories episode, we share Mason's entrepreneurial journey and peel back the layers of numerous aspects (& plays) of ABM, including:

🔥 The steps for building an ABM program from scratch without enormous budget

🔥 Account-Based Podcasting and how to transform a podcast into a revenue-generating ABM play 

🔥 How businesses can implement efficient and tangible ABM strategies

🔥 The world of perpetual sales activation plays and how real-time signals can drive conversions and cultivate a steady stream of customers

Mason also uncovers the realities of choosing an entrepreneurial journey, especially one that requires overturning conventional marketing methods. His mantra, "A season of joyful sacrifice," reflects his long-term vision of risk, resilience, and reward that goes hand in hand with owning a business. 

In the end, the darkest nights produce the brightest stars, and in the marketing universe, ABM might just be your North Star. Tune in to this episode and uncover how you can illuminate your business with ABM.

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