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Joseph Lewin’s Journey to Marketing through Travel Blogging in Africa

December 21, 2021

Growth Marketing Camp, Ep. 39

Do you ever find yourself asking, “How do I differentiate if I’m selling a perceived commoditized product?” Joseph Lewin, Marketing Manager at CADENAS PARTsolutions did, and he’s here to share his learnings with our audience. In this episode of Growth Marketing Camp, we are exploring the world of industrial marketing. 

Our journey starts in Africa, where Joseph lived and worked as a travel blogger. Kenya, Zanzibar, you name it, he’s seen it. That exciting life inspired him to start his own social media content agency for small businesses and grow his skills to his current position, where he shines in marketing to engineers. 

Joseph teaches us that, if you roll up your sleeves and learn, nothing can stand in the way between you and the win. He shares his strategy behind creating a streamlined process where customers don’t know where marketing ends and sales begins, and how the goal of every marketing message is to pull emotion out of people versus rationale. This one is quite an adventure so make a nice cup of tea, tune in and enjoy!

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