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Leveraging Influence as the New Outbound with Morgan J Ingram

August 15, 2023

Are you tired of seeing generic employee advocacy programs that lack excitement and engagement? 

So are we. But how do you say goodbye to the bland and hello to the extraordinary? We’ll explore that with our newest guest, Morgan J Ingram, Founder & CEO at Ascension Media Productions

Morgan is here to shed light on firing up your employee advocacy journey with exhilarating digital media, transforming your team into content superheroes that shine like Hollywood's finest! 

In this Growth Marketing Camp Founder Stories episode, our host Jass Binning engages in a thrilling conversation with Morgan. They discuss:

🔥 How your brand can find unique angles for your content 

🔥 How to tie your content, whether it be podcast or webinar series, back to revenue (3 plays from Morgan)

🔥 How a strong personal brand can fuel your entrepreneurial journey and skyrocket your business early on

🔥 Why you should never give up on creating content (& how to do edutainment the right way)

Plus, we get lucky, and Morgan shares all about his pursuit of a life of excellence, the Mamba Mentality and what it means to him, and how it influenced his founder journey!

If you want to ditch the ordinary and unleash the power of your inner actor, this GMC Founder Stories episode will rock your stage, fire you up and inspire you to look at the B2B world with fresh eyes!

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