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Making the Leap: How Brandon Powell Cut the Corporate Parachute to Pursue His Entrepreneurial Dreams

January 31, 2023

Once upon a time, digital transformation was a fancy word. That's not the case anymore. In a digital-first world, it’s essential you interact with your customers and hire great talent to scale your business. 

Brandon Powell’s career journey has empowered him to see both sides of the coin, recognize the opportunities in the market and start his own business. And believe it or not, his success story is born out of necessity at the age of 12.

Today he is HatchWorks’ Founder and CEO. Brandon joins us on an episode of Growth Marketing Camp’s Founder Stories to share how HatchWorks was founded. You’ll learn all about the humble beginnings and how they hustled their way to scale this business to a 200+ employee company that generates millions in revenue. 

Brandon covers the turning point that led him to cut the corporate parachute and go all in on his own business. You’ll also learn how he overcame some of the biggest personal (& professional) challenges along the way. 

Listen to this episode for the ultimate cherry on top of your day!

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