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Tapping Into Affiliate Marketing Magic with Kristina Nolan from DMi Partners

January 23, 2024

Our newest guest is a powerhouse digital marketing leader and technological determinist who believes in leveraging digital communication for speed, versatility, and success. We’re excited to welcome to the show, Kristina Nolan, Vice President of Media Services at DMi Partners, a full-service digital marketing agency. 

With a primary goal to partner with brands and foster opportunities for their growth, DMi Partners specializes in a spectrum of traditional digital services, including search, social, creative, and branding. They also uniquely excel as market leaders in affiliate and email marketing, establishing a distinctive niche in these rapidly growing domains. And Kristina has been a crucial part of their affiliate marketing & leadership engine for the past 8+ years.

In this episode of Growth Marketing Camp, Kristina shares:

🎯 How companies can build an effective affiliate marketing program (both in-house & via an agency partner)

🎯 How to foster a thriving environment & company culture 

🎯 Advice for young professionals on how to find their calling

🎯 How brands can adapt to the challenges & stay successful

Kristina also opens up about the importance of loyalty and how it can help professionals grow their careers and thrive. Plus, she shares what advice she would give herself if she could go back in time. This must listen episode has it ALL. Dig in! 🎧

PS. Shoutout to our wonderful friend, Hillary Read, for introducing us to Kristina. 🙌

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