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The Blueprint for a Successful Content Strategy with Proposify’s Nadia Milani

July 12, 2022

There’s a great risk in overthinking. It can kill your content strategy even before you get to ship it, test it, run experiments and ultimately report on it. But Nadia Milani, the VP of Marketing at Proposify, and her team have worked actively to manage that risk.

They proactively find gaps in their content and develop highly engaging, entertaining, and educational content that resonates with their customers and prospects. 

This week on Growth Marketing Camp, Nadia Milani sheds some light on the benefits of producing edutainment & infotainment video content. She advocates ripping up the red tape when conversing with customers and discusses the importance of buy-in and alignment from the top to support a strategy that produces results. That’s exactly how she’s produced a winning content strategy.

Finally, she articulates how to best establish yourself in the company as the new VP of marketing. Another exciting episode is ready for you to tune in and enjoy!

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