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The Full ABM Breakdown with Mason Cosby

June 15, 2022

Growth Marketing Camp, Ep. 58

Mojo Media Labs is a strategy-first marketing agency that helps companies scale up their business without having to spend fortunes on their tech stack. What makes them unique is that they successfully married their HubSpot expertise from all areas (marketing, sales, service, operations, and website development) and ABM. And with that, they provide their clients with incredible strategies and partner with them to align on revenue results. 

Knowing all that, the news of their acquisition by the most awarded global B2B marketing agency, Gravity Global, is no surprise. We are privileged to be the podcast to have their Director of Growth, Mason Cosby, exclusively announce it.

Mason joins us on Growth Marketing Camp, to break down the ABM-A-Thon event they hosted, insights on who ABM is not for, who it’s for, and how marketing can be a strategic partner that helps drive sales. Plus, we touch on podcasting, how beneficial it is for personal growth and brand, and specific examples of how he uses different content channels to impress his audience, build brand trust, and ultimately, authority. Finally, he shares what motivated him to start his own podcast, The Marketing Ladder.

Mason Cosby is the walking example of how marketers that focus on long-term brand building strategies vs. short-term micro conversions always come out ahead. This is the episode you were waiting for, so tune in and enjoy!

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