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The Lavender Effect: How a B2B SaaS Company is Revolutionizing Marketing

May 2, 2023

Imagine a world where businesses care more about their customers than their bottom line. 

One in which companies put the needs of their team and users first, and their success is measured not only in dollars but also in the positive impact they make in people's lives. That's the world that Lavender is building, and their story is both inspiring and compelling.

Lavender is a startup born out of the Covid pandemic, and their journey to success wasn't easy. But what sets them apart is their obsession with their product, team, and users. From their unique and hilarious new hire posts to their 3-Minute Sales School serial and Lavender Joe videos, they’ve raised the bar even higher with the latest music video masterpiece

If there’s one brand that could easily start a sitcom, it’s Lavender. 💜And in this episode of Growth Marketing Camp’s Founder Stories, we bring you Lavender’s raw, wild, and inspiring origin story.

What started as a weekend project turned into a thriving startup (already becoming a movement) and a multi-million dollar business. And William Ballance, Lavender’s CEO & Co-Founder, shares insights into that journey.

Will shares their story of betting on LinkedIn early on and how it became a core part of their marketing strategy. He talks about leveraging AI to your advantage, setting up a feedback loop early on to define your ICP, and the power of resilience and refusing to fail. And at the heart of it all is Lavender's core value of giving first.

You’ll also hear about how they made a big splash at SaaStr 2022 event and completely stole the show without even having a booth. What was their secret? Well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out. 😉

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