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The Power of Authentic Connection: a Community Building Masterclass with HubSpot’s Christina Garnett

March 14, 2023

Do you want to build a community that's more than just a following? A community that's engaged, memorable, and makes a real impact? Then, forget about the shortcuts, hacks, and tricks. Building a community is a long-term game that requires genuine relationship-building, personalization, and a lot of hard work.

Think of it like cultivating a garden. You can't just toss some seeds and expect a lush oasis to sprout overnight. It takes patience, dedication, and tender-living care to create a flourishing garden teeming with flowers and thriving plants.

So, if you're ready to get your hands dirty and eager to learn the ropes of community building from the best, we have such a treat for you! 

Our newest guest is an award-winning community builder and advocacy strategist, a woman who’s already a huge part of our Growth Marketing Camp community and who continues to inspire us: Christina Garnett, the Principal Marketing Manager of Offline Community & Advocacy at HubSpot.

In a world that’s always buzzing with noise, where AI-powered models like ChatGPT are on the rise, Christina’s content is a symphony that resonates with everyone. She’ll divulge her secrets to crafting a community that not only sings but also stands out and leaves a lasting impact. 

Are you ready to learn the art of social listening, the power of curiosity, and the magic of imagination? Well, Christina Garnett is about to take us on a journey into her world where she’ll share tactics and strategies that have propelled her to uplift advocates, create raving fans, and make customers heroes. 

Plus, Christina shares the mind-blowing story of how she landed her job at HubSpot! (hint: it involves her tweets catching the eye of none other than Brian Halligan, HubSpot’s Co-Founder 😉)

So, put on your headphones, hit play, and join us for a conversation that’s enlightening, insightful, and most importantly, fun! ❤️🔥

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