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Uncover Hidden Demand and Skyrocket Your Growth with ABM w/ Jodi Cerretani from RollWorks

April 4, 2023

ABM can be a zero-waste motion for smaller businesses, making it a natural fit. It doesn't have to be a revolution but can be an evolution of what you're already doing. You can achieve quick results and a hard bottom-line impact.

In today’s episode of Growth Marketing Camp, our host Bobby Narang sits down with Jodi Cerretani, the VP of Revenue Marketing at RollWorks, to discuss the importance of Account-Based Marketing and Demand Generation in driving business growth and promoting alignment with sales and marketing.  

We dig deep into how ABM is not just about generating demand but also about capturing demand. And how with tools like RollWorks, Opensense, and more, you can uncover hidden clusters of demand and explode your top-of-funnel. 

Jodi shares ways ABM can become the backbone of your growth strategy and can provide the precision of personalized marketing with the scale of traditional demand generation. 

You’ll learn about how education plays a crucial role in building trust and creating demand, and how to execute it in a way that resonates with your target audience.

But that's not all! We also get a glimpse into Jodi's fascinating personal and professional journey, from her childhood to her current role at RollWorks. You'll be inspired by the path that has led her to where she is today. Don't miss out on our latest episode. Tune in now!

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Bobby Narang
Founder & CCO
Jodi Cerretani
VP of Revenue Marketing