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Unleashing the Power of Voice Intelligence to Forge Human Connection

June 27, 2023

Some would argue that, when it comes to business, the phone is dead. But a whopping 72% of consumers expect their initial interaction with a business to happen through a phone call. Trust levels rise significantly, with 91% of consumers placing greater faith in businesses they can easily reach via phone, emphasizing the importance of human connection. 

In today’s episode of Growth Marketing Camp, we welcome Masami Middleton, the Chief Marketing Officer at CallRail, to explore the enduring power of your customer conversations and discover the untapped opportunities that lie within. 

Masami joins us to share how voice AI and data-driven solutions are revolutionizing the way businesses leverage the power of phone calls and uncover the treasure trove of intelligence hidden within these conversations. 

In addition, we discuss: 

☎️ How to use AI-powered voice analysis to optimize your marketing campaigns, adjust bidding strategies, and uncover previously unnoticed customer needs and pain points.

☎️ How to leverage partnerships to elevate your brand.

☎️ Ways Masami and CallRail CRO, Marius Smyth, are transforming the organization by breaking down silos, aligning strategies, and fostering collaboration across teams.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn all about how to unleash the full potential of voice intelligence via accessible, automated, and accurate AI. Let's get started!

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