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Unveiling the Secrets to Social Selling and Newsletter Magic with Paige Tills

August 29, 2023

This week’s story starts in a small town in Texas and takes us on a global journey. 🌎

Our newest guest’s professional experience is incredible, but her life experience has been out of this world, empowering her to become a marketing leader extraordinaire. Having lived in Milan, studied in Paris, earned an M.A. in International Relations while working at the World Trade Center San Diego, and then worked in Thailand, Myanmar, Germany, Mexico, and Cambodia, she’s now making serious marketing & newsletter magic from the enchanting land of Hawaii. 

Welcome to another exciting episode of Growth Marketing Camp, where we’re joined by Paige Tills, Head of Marketing (& newsletter queen), at #samsales Consulting, a boutique sales consulting firm led by Founder and CEO, Samantha McKenna.

In this episode, we crack the code of social selling as we talk about all things LinkedIn, newsletters, and marketing! We deep dive into the topic of building and expanding a thriving newsletter and how community building ties into that. Paige shares:

✍️ How to convince busy executives that LinkedIn is a channel worth investing in

✍️ What 3 key questions every marketer needs to ask before starting a newsletter 

✍️ Top advice for small and scrappy marketing teams on creating a newsletter 

The cherry on top? Paige and our host Jass riff on the wonders of working in an all-women team, exchanging experiences, and sharing tips. Plus, Paige touches on the importance of celebrating small wins along the way and the power of mutual support for one another. Enjoy!

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