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Why Staying Curious is the Ingredient to Success with Drew Brucker from LASSO

December 20, 2022

When you step into a leadership role at a scaling startup, very quickly, you’re introduced to a new set of challenges, unlike any other. You’re now responsible for collaborating with senior leadership on how to scale the business, implementing new processes and systems – all while leading a team of human beings who have goals, aspirations, and intentions to advance their careers. 

If that’s not enough, when duty calls, you’ve got to be in the trenches with your team executing several active projects and deadlines because, well, the marketing engine has got to keep running. Unprepared leaders risk losing balance, getting overwhelmed, and face the reality of burnout.

Our newest guest, Drew Brucker, VP of Growth at LASSO, has both experienced and overcome this phenomenon. He joins us on the show to offer his perspective and advice on how to stay in control. In this week’s episode of Growth Marketing Camp, Jass Binning and Drew Brucker dig deep into the beauty and the challenges of leading a small marketing team in a scaling company. Drew shares the importance of prioritizing the priorities, why companies should stop measuring ROI for every marketing activity, and why curiosity is one of the essential ingredients to success. 

We also asked him what lesson has taken him the longest to unlearn, and his answer to this question alone is reason enough for every marketer, up-and-coming or seasoned, to tune in. 

We’re closing out this incredible year with a bang (& what a year it’s been). Join the party and enjoy!

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