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Opensense for Sellers

Make every outbound email to your customers, partners and prospects count.

Sell more, effectively speaking.

Email is a critical part of the sales process. It’s where customers start to ask the probing questions about your products, and actively look for purchase decision validation. This part of the sales journey falls outside of normal above-the-line, digital marketing, and CRM channels; and it really is where you need to have your very best sales processes representing your business.

Become a Resource

Become a resource.

To build a relationship with a prospective customer, your communication has to be beneficial. By touching your prospects with meaningful data, insights, new offerings, educational opportunities, promotions and/or discounts (i.e., something of value), the likelihood of receiving a response, or better yet, a deal, becomes greater than not. Share your knowledge and become a trusted resource using Opensense email signatures.

Become a Resource
Use What Works

Build more pipeline.

Outside of normal marketing channels, like search marketing, trade events and calling your database to just get voice mail, there's Opensense. Designed to inform and interact with your most-likely-to-convert resource, people you've already built a relationship with. Inform them of an upcoming webinar, seminar, a rebate or upgrade promotion, or new feature or service they may not be aware of. Don't wait for Marketing to build your pipeline for you. Start building it now. 

Build More Pipeline

Use what works.

It takes experience and talent to sell. Similarly, it takes experience and talent to write. To sell effectively over email requires both. So when you (or someone else) has crafted the perfect message, imagine the power of being able to re-use it across your sales organization. With Opensense you can avoid: 

  • Writing copy from scratch
  • Failing the "so what" test
  • Overusing business buzzwords
  • Having to get second opinions
  • Wasting time away from selling
Use What Works

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