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Sales Insights And Attachment Tracking 

For  Sales Teams and Account Executives

Real-time heat maps give you the most detailed insights into how prospects are interacting with your content. Your sales team can identify internal champions and close deals faster . 

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Unmatched Insights with Heat Maps

Opensense is the only signature marketing platform that captures everything that happens after you hit send. 

  • Video replay of recipient interactions with email and attachments.
  • Attachment interaction analytics - even down to time spent on specific slides or pages.
  • YouTube and Vimeo video interaction analytics including views, time spent, and "most watched" sections of the videos.
  • Individual recipient analytics for multi-recipient emails.
  • Website activity after clicks in emails.
  • Email open (and reopen) notifications and counts.
  • Click notifications by recipient on multi-recipient emails.

Works Great On Mobile

Your sales people are on their phones, 24x7. Opensense works equally well on all platforms and all email clients. That means you can be sure your attachments will be tracked whether sending them while at the office or on the road.

  • Tracks recipient activity on all major software platforms - iOS, Android, Windows, Macs. No more mobile blindspots.
  • Provides real-time activity updates you can check on your mobile.
  • Integrates with major enterprise email services - Outlook, G-Suite, Salesforce.
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Awesome Video Analytics 

Only Opensense tells you, in real-time, when a recipient is watching and for how long

  • Just paste and hit send with automatic tracking capabilities for YouTube, Vimeo links.
  • Unique multi-recipient analytics lets you follow viewing behavior of each recipient of an email.
  • Delivers 100% real-time viewing updates to your team.
  • Provides "heat-maps" showing what portions of the video are the most watched.
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Fast Integration, Better Data

Your sales teams need the freshest data. Opensense Sales Insights integrates quickly and easily with major CRMs and marketing automation tools, giving your entire team the latest account data and analytics.

  • Instant integrations with leading Marketing Automation tools - Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, Salesforce, Dynamics and Outreach.
  • Simple API and Webhooks means custom integrations takes days, not months.
  • Flexible system for dynamic banner and ABM campaigns for marketing teams.

Enterprise Ready, Secure

Opensense has the most robust security and compliance, the fastest support response times, and the highest availability to support enterprise deployments.

  • Built by a team from Fortune 500 financial services.
  • Dedicated 24x7 support.
  • Dynamic disclaimers and compliance capabilities for regulated industries.
  • GDPR-ready with SAR export capability.
  • Security audit by https://www.includesecurity.com/  (Ex-NSA Security Professionals).
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"Our sales team can see how many pages of attachments prospects read or how many minutes of a video they watch. Our sales team thinks Opensense is the most amazing sales tool in the world."

Jeff Greenfield
COO & Co-Founder, C3 Metrics

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