Email Ad Campaigns Increases Event Ticket Sales 10% with Opensense Email Signatures and Banners

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Outreach was able to drive 10% more event ticket sales (at $1000+ each) with Opensense email signature banners in employee emails.

High ROI

The Opensense platform was reliable and quickly became one of Outreach’s highest ROI channels.


A Smart, Effective Way
to increase event ticket sales
Beautiful Email Signatures
that are easy to manage and protect the company brand
Quick Impact
immediately useful for event marketing at scale driving a 10% increase in event registrations
High-ROI Growth Channel
converted email into one of the most efficient growth channels for
Responsive and Reliable
Customer support
Always Renders
uniform email signatures and banners on all devices, clients - iOS, Android, G Suite, Office 365, Apple Mail
G Suite Compatible
integrates with Google's directory tools for automatic signature updates

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Outreach is one of the fastest-growing startups in the world. Tens of thousands of sales teams use the Outreach platform, including many of the world's leading brands. As a hyper-growth company, Outreach faced several key challenges. The Outreach Demand Generation team was tasked with growing ticket sales to the company’s annual Unleash conference, a critical engagement vehicle for Outreach with thousands of paying attendees. Lauren Alt, Manager of Demand Generation at Outreach, also wanted to professionalize their sales teams’ emails and control the branding to ensure a uniform email experience for all recipients. Says Alt, “We want to look like a world-class company if we are going to go IPO in the near future.”

While Outreach was already spending considerable money on digital advertising, it had put a priority on growing organic channels. Alt first encountered Opensense in 2017 at Dreamforce and was intrigued by a demo provided entirely on a mobile device. “I hadn’t thought about email as a growth channel until they showed me how it worked,” says Alt. “The signature banners looked great.” Later, when senior executives at Outreach expressed interest in improving their brand image with centralized email signature management, Alt began to envision ways that Outreach could use email signatures for growth marketing, particularly around events. However, the signature platform had to be secure and enterprise-ready.


Outreach engaged two solutions providers, including Opensense. The Opensense sales team responded quickly and delighted Alt through their unmatched customer success focus. After learning more about how the signature banner marketing worked in Opensense, she decided to demo the Opensense platform for their next Dreamforce conference. The Opensense technical support team configured Outreach for email signature banners a few weeks before the event. Opensense integrated seamlessly with Outreach’s sales engagement platform, giving every SDR and AE a professional email signature and beautiful promo banner managed and rolled out entirely by Alt. The set-up took less than a week and less than an hour of time from the Outreach IT staff.

“Opensense email signature banners increased our ticket sales by 10%. It was one of our highest ROI channels.”
Lauren Alt
Manager of Demand Generation at Outreach


Alt and her team saw immediate results, with more prospect engagement for Dreamforce. Later, Outreach turned to Opensense to promote its own Unleash event with astounding success. “Opensense email signature banners increased out ticket sales by 10%. It was one of our highest ROI channels. And these are tickets that cost over $1,000,” says Alt, who got numerous internal compliments on the new signatures. “Even the engineers asked if they could get Opensense,” relates Alt. The Opensense platform was reliable, as well.

Because Opensense seamlessly integrated into CRM and marketing automation tools, Opensense became a key part of account-based marketing at Outreach. Alt expanded Opensense event marketing banners to additional events and to content marketing Says Alt, “We are already engaged in conversations with these people and they are highly targeted prospects.Opensense banners are the perfect account-based marketing tactic.”

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