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8 Creative Ways to Use Email Signature Marketing

September 18, 2018



Email signatures are a powerful and often underutilized marketing tool. With every message you send, you have a chance to get links to your website, landing pages, and other content. Aside from sending people to your homepage, there are several other creative ways to leverage your signature. Read on to learn how to use email signature marketing to grow your business.

1. Promote Events

Your email signature is a great place to promote upcoming events. Let people know about online and live events such as conferences, trade shows, webinars, and training sessions. Make sure you update your email signature so you aren't listing outdated events. With an email signature management tool like Opensense, you can easily update signatures companywide - by team, department, or even individuals - with just a few clicks. Promoting events in your email signature can have a significant impact on registrations and attendance.

2. Give Away Something of Value

One of the best ways to generate clicks for your email signature is to give away something of value. You might give away a free sample, trial membership, ebook, report, or white paper. Make sure you specify the topic and benefit, and make it clear why the reader would want to move forward. Generally speaking, this giveaway is not a sales pitch, but rather it's an opportunity to share something educational, informative, or entertaining.

3. Send Traffic to Videos

Another effective way to leverage your email signature is with video marketing. The video can be something that explains your business or one that teaches customers how to use your product or service. The video also could be something more educational on a broad industry trend or recent survey. If your team has a regular cadence of video production, you could schedule new email signatures to live promoting the videos as they become available.

4. Promote Your Book 

If you have a book or ebook that you're selling through Amazon or another platform, why not send traffic to it with your email signature? If you're publishing the book yourself and have a dedicated web page to promote it, you can send traffic directly to this page. To make it more compelling, insert an image of the book cover rather than just a text link. This strategy is effective for selling books, as well as to build credibility on certain topics. If you have spokespeople in your company who are viewed as industry authorities, your email signature is a great place to share that valuable content with customers, prospects, and partners.

5. Link to Social Media Channels

People today promote their social media pages just about anywhere, and email signatures are no exception. Using a service like Opensense that lets you create branded email signatures, it's easy to include buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. Depending on your marketing strategy, you may want to focus on only one of these platforms at any given time.

6. Link to Sales and Seasonal Promotions

One of the most common email signature mistakes is to use a static signature rather than changing it at strategic times. You can edit your signature based on your latest campaigns, events, and marketing tactics. For example, if you're launching a new product or service, you can promote it with your email signature. Similarly, you can promote holiday sales, contests, or any special promotions. If you have segmented lists, you can tailor your signature to each audience and link to the promotions that are most relevant for them. HubSpot users who also use Opensense can target the content in your email signature based on contact properties in your HubSpot CRM.

7. Link to Case Studies and Testimonials 

Linking to a case study is a great way to build credibility with potential customers. If you're telling subscribers about a specific product, including a case study in the email signature gives the reader a way to get more detailed information. Another option is to send them to a page with testimonials or reviews. You can take this a step further by organizing testimonials by vertical so that the case studies best match the overall content of your message.

8. Link to Online Reviews

Everyone reads online reviews in 2018. Statistics on online reviews show that nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase, and 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review. From restaurants, software, vacations, contractors - you name it, and consumers are reading reviews before making a buying decision. When emailing prospects, your email signature is a great place to include a CTA to your product's reviews. Your signature could include a sharp review quote, show an overall rating based on reviews, or simply link to your reviews.

The above list includes just some of the creative ways to make the most of your email signature - beyond sending readers to your homepage. If you want to a quick demo or to get started using your email signatures more effectively, reach out to us!

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