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Opensense Campaign Management

Align your email communication with the needs of your customers, prospects and partners.

Speak your customer's language.

When you're able to target email signature messaging by sender, recipient, geography, visitor behavior, or any other variable stored in your CRM (like products owned), you can create personalized experiences with every touch. With the Opensense Account Based Marketing (ABM) capabilities, the opportunities are endless. Message relevancy makes a world of difference. You can too, with Opensense. 

Dynamic by Nature

Dynamic by nature.

Opensense was designed to deliver highly targeted, dynamic content, perfect for today's Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies. With Opensense, email signatures become much more than static campaigns. You can transform every email you send to your prospects, customers, partners and anyone else you do business with into relevant, interactive campaigns. No research, thinking, or testing is required in advance.

Account-Based Marketing
Visible by Design

Visible by design.

Track which recipients click on an Opensense campaign, how often, and when they’re engaged to measure how a campaign performs over its lifetime. In addition to tracking performance on individual campaigns, Opensense gives you the ability to manage that intelligence and use it to optimize content for improved CTR performance in the future. 

Step and Repeat

Step and repeat.

Once you find the magic formula for what works best with your audience, you can repeat the process or share your success with the rest of your team via your library of campaign templates. If you need fresh ideas as a basis for customization, there's plenty to choose from in our samples library.

Step and Repeat

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