Make Every Email Count

July 13, 2017

Have you ever thought about the different places from which emails you send originate? Whether it's from Outlook, Office 365, or Gmail, your desktop, phone or iPad, or from your Salesforce or Marketo account, the list goes on and on. Business email integrations are everywhere.

Our level of connectivity is at an all-time high. In fact, did you know that the average person has 3.4 connected devices and platforms from which they send email? And with those 3.4 devices, the average person sends 34 emails a day. Let’s extrapolate for a 1,000 person company.

34 emails per day  x

5 days per week x

50 weeks a year (generously allowing for 2 weeks away from emails) =

8,500,000 emails sent!

That’s a pretty massive marketing channel - and opportunity. 

Maximizing Email Signatures & Email Ad Banners

Imagine if you had the ability to harness your entire email signature channel. That would present an enormous opportunity to drive between 3%-7% CTR for unique recipients. For a hypothetical company with 30,000 employees, this means leveraging 255,000,000 email signatures that could have millions of clicks impact on your marketing engagement programs.

Whether it’s a follow-up at the office, answering a question from your iPhone while on the road, or responding to a lead through Salesforce, maximizing your email signatures will have a significant impact on your sales engagement activities.

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Amit Gupta
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