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A multi-faceted platform designed to improve what savvy marketers do.

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Whether you're a CMO focused on building a better brand, a Director of Corporate Communications seeking more media coverage, or a Corporate Events Manager tasked with increasing attendance, you can do more of it with Opensense.   

Marketing Reinforce Your Brand

Reinforce your brand.

Most companies don't enforce the formatting of email signatures, allowing their employees to sign off as they please. Opensense centralizes control of email signatures, and even allows you to customize signature style and messaging by department.  You're brand is your biggest investment. Make it look and feel consistent, accurate, and promote anything you want to your customers.

Reinforce your brand
Hike Response Rates

Hike response rates.

Research indicates that the average employee sends about 40 emails per day. If you're not saying or showing something of interest in each and every email you send, you are losing valuable impressions. Opensense makes it easy to append signatures with display banners and custom text messaging. You can get up to 10x the results of ordinary advertising with custom email signature marketing. 


Leverage marketing data.

Opensense integrates with the most popular marketing automation platforms, including: Hubspot, Marketo, Eloquoa and Salesforce Pardot to deliver relevant messaging to each and every email recipient based on segmentation data stored in your marketing automation tool or CRM tools. You can also connect signature banners to specific landing pages for holistic performance tracking.  

Marketing Data

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