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Content Marketing With Email Signatures

For Marketing and DemandGen Teams

Transforms email signatures into an owned media channel. Your signature banners can promote any content - white papers, webinars, videos. 

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Make Email Your Content Marketing Powerhouse

Content marketing is a critical component of demand generation. Signature banners give you a high-engagement, low-cost, owned channel for distribution to the most relevant audience - the people who read your emails. 

  • Distribute white papers, case studies, videos and more.
  • Paint your content pitch on a rich, full-featured HTML banner canvas.
  • Create in-line images to prevent banner stripping.
  • Track audience interactions with your content with Opensense Sales Insights.

Any Device, Any Client 

Opensense works on any platform. Your team doesn't need to think about whether they are sending from mobile or desktop, from G-Suite or Office365. Just hit send to deliver the same content, everywhere.

  • Works at the server level. No plugins required..
  • One system for mobile and desktop and one management dashboard for all content marketing campaigns.
  • Deliver signature banners to iOS and Android clients - neither of which accept email plugins. 
  • Just works on major email platforms - Outlook, G-Suite, Salesforce, Dynamics.
  • No sender actions required. Banners are automatically and transparently added to outbound emails. 
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Multi-Recipient, Multi-Campaign, Multi-Lingual

Opensense is the only email signature marketing solution that supports multi-recipient banner campaigns, delivering the right content to the right target.

  • Recipients on the same email receive content offers matching their interests for powerful Account Based Marketing.
  • Content can also be targeted by geography, for multi-lingual campaigns.
  • Seamless integration with segmentation tools like HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, Salesforce, Dynamics and more.
  • Intuitive dashboard allows you to group campaigns in folders and manage hundreds of campaigns.
  • Replace banners in less than an hour to keep your content fresh.
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Enterprise-Ready, Reliable, Secure - Yet Simple

Opensense delivers all of the above functionality for content marketing without requiring any help from the IT team. Configure it once and you are set.

  • Simple to set up and operate. Up and running in minutes.
  • Hands-on, personalized training is a standard part of on-boarding.
  • Integrates with major marketing automation platforms - HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, Salesforce, Dynamics, Outreach.
  • Includes a stand-alone ABM module within Opensense.
  • Upgrades to detailed sales insights and analytics through no-click, zero friction attachment tracking with video reply of recipient actions.
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"I like how easy it is to tailor email signatures for different company team members. Whether in Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Tech Support, Customer Satisfaction, HR, there is a banner for you! And, everything is trackable." 

Jeanne Hopkins
Chief Marketing Officer

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