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Dynamic Email Signature Marketing 

For Demand Generation Teams

Transform email signatures into a highly targeted, personalized, account based marketing channel that is 100% owned...by you! 

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Dynamic ABM Done Right

Opensense has the most dynamic signature banners with the best personalization options for the richest Account-Based Marketing campaigns driven by the most powerful channel you have - your own emails. 

  • Create detailed, dynamic ABM marketing campaigns.
  • Segment recipients by roles, actions, geographies and languages.
  • Manage campaigns for multiple teams and multiple brands from one dashboard.
  • Instant real-time integrations to Google Analytics, Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce and more.
  • Update campaigns in minutes, enterprise wide, across multiple directories.
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A Microsite In Your Emails

Opensense has the most flexible and most powerful platform for email signature marketing 

  • Clean, beautiful HTML banners - just like a microsite in your signature.
  • Automatically replaces dated or off-campaign banners.
  • Upload as many banners as you want with tracking code.
  • Manage all campaigns from one dashboard.
  • Multiple roles for admins and users.
  • No plug-ins. Just works. No IT required.
  • Fast loading. Guaranteed delivery.
  • Includes industry leading capability to dynamically target compliance and legal disclaimers.

Addictively Good Analytics

Only Opensense tells you, in real-time, when a recipient is watching or reading -  and for how long - across mobile, desktop and everywhere.

  • Automatically tracks attachments and video links (YouTube, Vimeo, PDF, Docs, PPT, Keynote).
  • Delivers real-time viewing updates to show what slides or video sections are hot.
  • Multi-recipient - breaks out individual behaviors so you know who is the most interested.
  • Just works - all devices and mobile (iOS, Android, Windows, Macs).

Enterprise Ready, Secure

Opensense has the most robust security and compliance, the fastest support response times, and the fastest integrations to support true enterprise deployments.

  • The most flexible system for dynamic and ABM campaigns.
  • Instant integrations with leading Marketing Automation tools - HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, Salesforce and Outreach.
  • Dedicated U.S.-based 24x7 support team.
  • SOC2 compliant.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • Provides enterprise-grade security, with annual  audit. 
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“We found the email banners were incredibly effective promotional vehicles. It’s a direct hit every time you are emailing someone you are doing business with.”

Christine K.
Director of Marketing Communications
EDF Renewables North America


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