Building Trust with Every Pixel: The Impact of Visual Brand

May 30, 2024

Imagine your brand as a lighthouse. Its light pierces through the fog, guiding ships safely to shore. But what if that light flickers? What if its exterior is shabby and neglected? The very essence of trust and reliability crumbles. 

Similarly, your visual brand acts as the beacon of your business, establishing trust and guiding customers toward your offerings.

In the fast-paced world of B2B, digital impressions matter and your visual brand is often the first—and sometimes the only—interaction customers have with your business. So naturally, it must communicate trust, credibility, and consistency at every touchpoint.

The Power of First Impressions is undeniable. 

Your visual brand is more than just a logo and color palette; it’s the immediate language your audience speaks, understands, and forms an impression within seconds. A cohesive and polished visual brand signals professionalism and trustworthiness, while a poorly designed or inconsistent presence raises doubts. 

Consistency is key; every visual element, from your website to employee email signatures to social media, should align with your brand's identity, reinforcing your message and building familiarity. 

Major brands like Apple and Nike achieved instant recognition through defined, consistent, and authentic visual identities. Your visual brand must reflect your business’s values and mission, fostering a deeper connection and customer loyalty.

We asked top B2B marketing (& sales) leaders to share how a cohesive visual identity can build trust and boost customer perception.

Check out what they had to say. 👇

Malachi Threadgill, VP of Growth and Product Marketing at Broadvoice

Strong visual branding transcends aesthetics; it's a trust pact with customers, consistently reinforcing reliability and quality, key in turning first-time visitors into loyal advocates.

John Steinert, Chief Marketing Officer at TechTarget

I’m reminded of something I heard early in my career from the management guru, Tom Peters. He said “if you don’t keep the cabin of the plane clean, people are going to think you cut corners on your engine maintenance”.  Since your visual brand is an embodiment of the promises you seek to communicate to your target audience, you need to think hard about how you can visually support and even amplify both the rational and emotional components of that promise.

Susan Zuzic, Sr. Director, Global Accounts at

Trust and security are core to our values at and our visual brand reflects this. Our design is organic, people-centric, and familiar to showcase how our advanced technology is accessible, user-friendly, and safe. Our data and AI are best-in-class, yet our brand personality (and team) is approachable and trustworthy.

Jessica Hreha, Head of Marketing AI Strategy and Client Transformation at Jasper

At Jasper, we recognize that our core customers — marketers — are not just scientists but also creatives and visionaries. Understanding this, our visual brand is crafted to resonate with these creative sensibilities. Our branding prioritizes aesthetics because our audience appreciates and expects visual excellence. Our branding strategy is designed to be more than just visually appealing; it aims to establish a deep emotional connection with our users.

EJ Oelling, Vice President, ABX at 6sense

The 6sense brand is designed to reflect our identity as an approachable and friendly tech provider that helps our customers to succeed. It is about creating an environment where everyone feels as if they are already a part of the 6sense family from the very first moment you first interact with us to your last. This is evident from our iconography to our distinctive signature teal color ensuring that everything is unmistakably 6sense. Our goal is to always be memorable and over-deliver.

As a special bonus, we bring you insights from Shawna Cooley, our very own brand master and Associate Director of Marketing.

At Opensense, visual consistency across all touchpoints is crucial. And with employee email being one of our top channels that everyone is communicating through, we ensure email signatures are beautifully branded and the ad banners beneath them make every interaction memorable and valuable to the recipient. This relationship-driven channel is one way we effectively promote our brand across all departments, enhancing trust and perception with every email sent.

In today’s digital age, your visual brand is the silent ambassador of your business.

It communicates trust, credibility, and authenticity in ways words often cannot. Investing in a strong, consistent, and authentic visual brand creates a foundation of trust that can lead to lasting customer relationships. One of the easiest ways to do that is by leveraging employee email and the power of brand building through your best brand evangelists, your team. 

Curious about how we can help empower your employees to become your best brand builders through the power of 1:1 email? Hit us up to learn what Opensense can do for you and your organization.

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