Case Study: National Association of REALTORS® Promotes Brand + Campaigns with Opensense

July 9, 2019

The largest trade organization in the country leverages Opensense email signatures and banners to boost brand awareness and drive content engagement.

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) is a highly recognizable brand that touches the lives of 1.3 million members each week. The vision of the organization and its new CEO was to create a uniform brand and impression for every email going out from the "" domain.


NAR Vinci Signature

Additionally, the NAR wanted its team of 300+ users to be able to add email signature banners on emails for branding and promotional campaigns. “It was part of a project to brand ourselves from the inside out,” explains Laura Vinci, Director of Association Technology Services at the NAR.

 That said, Vinci’s team did not want to burden users with constant manual updates of email signatures or signature banners. Nor could they afford to spend significant time and effort managing signatures and banners for over 300 people.  Explains Vinci, “We needed to manage the signatures and banners for our users rather than force them to think about it and spend time on it.”

Further, the NAR used Office 365. So it needed a signature management and marketing product that had a rich set of core functionalities for that platform. The NAR also needed to automatically append a disclaimer to emails, without fail, for legal and compliance reasons. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, all of this needed to work well on mobile devices - including iPhone and Android. This requirement ruled out a plug-in email signature solutions; plug-ins don’t work on iPhone email clients. “Mobile is where our senders and recipients increasingly interact with email,” says Vinci. “It just has to work on mobile.”


  • Deployed in days with help from Opensense
  • Uniform, beautiful on-brand email signatures with zero burden on end-users
  • Increased engagement with marketing campaigns driven by email banners
  • Time savings of hours per month managing emails

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