Deck your Inbox: Festive Email Signature Inspiration this Holiday Season

December 15, 2023

'Tis the season to spruce up company email signatures and drape them in the finest holiday garb! At Opensense, we're stirring up a blizzard of festive fervor, ready to treat your inbox with a Ho-Ho-Holiday makeover. As Christmas tiptoes closer, we've got our merry minds set on decking out those email signatures and the banners beneath them with enough tinsel to make Santa’s workshop jealous.

Just imagine your standard email signatures but with holiday enchantment. Think Santa's hearty chuckle, Frosty's cool charisma, Buddy the Elf's infectious cheer, the Grinch's mischievous wit, and Rudolph's unmistakable glow—all translating into a yuletide marketing spectacle.

As snowflakes twirl and gingerbread scents dance through the air, we're about to turn your everyday emails into festive wonderlands.

Santa Claus: The Jolly Signature of Generosity

Embody Santa Claus’ holiday cheer and a heart as big as the North Pole, and turn your email signature into a sleigh full of giving. 

Why? Because once your email hits inboxes, it’ll be like a gift waiting to be unwrapped. And everybody LOVES presents. It’s a wonderful way to spread seasonal cheer. Check out the email signature campaign Santa and his workshop are sporting this year. We’re pretty sure the CTR for this campaign will be over the moon.

Frosty the Snowman: The Icy-Cool Signature

With his heart of ice and a carrot nose, Frosty the Snowman knows how to stay cool under pressure. Much like us marketers. 

And we know how to bring cool vibes to your prospect’s inbox and turn it into a winter wonderland! Frosty’s email signature encourages recipients to get frosty and participate in a virtual snowman-building contest, create their own snowman, and share their masterpieces on social media. 

In our book, that’s a win-win-win. Embrace the chill and let creativity snowball!

Buddy the Elf: The Signature of Festive Fervor

With his endless enthusiasm for all things Christmas, Buddy the Elf can turn any inbox into a holiday party. And we all know that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loudly for all to hear. Or maybe don a festive email signature to delight all of your peers.

We’ll bet you a bowl of maple syrup and Pop-tart spaghetti that once you're back in the office, you’d click that banner and go caroling with Buddy. 

And if you don’t - you’re just a cotton-headed ninny muggins.

The Grinch: The Signature of Merry Mischief

A dazzling email signature can kick anyone into the holiday spirit, even Mr. Grinch.

 "How could it be so? It came with ribbons; it came with tags. It came with CTA's, targeting, attribution, and most of all, on-Brand!?" Yes, Mr. Grinch - that's the power of Opensense email signature ad banners. Check out how the Grinch, a holiday cynic turned cheermeister, is using his signature to promote his latest eBook. Who wants to steal Christmas when you can steal some serious engagement from 1:1 email. 

Even Santa will wonder how you magically slipped into all those inboxes, gift-wrapped and all.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Radiant Signature

Lights, camera, Rudolph!  With his glowing nose that lights up the night, Rudolph adds a touch of magic to your email signature. With a dazzling "Shine Bright with Rudolph" CTA, you can invite your customers, prospects, and other email friends to embark on a journey and step into a virtual world where winning a trip to the North Pole is just the beginning.

Create enchanting light displays, delve into aurora borealis enchantment, and surprise your prospects, friends, and family. Let Rudolph light up your inbox and make it sparkle!

Deck the halls and light up your email marketing

With these beloved Christmas characters leading the way and a little help from Opensense, you can easily infuse holiday magic into your email signatures and turn your email marketing into a winter wonderland of holiday joy.

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