In A Pickle? Prioritize Consistency Across Email Signatures

January 17, 2023

Employees are a reflection of their leadership, which is why most leaders prioritize consistency across employee communications. After all, consistency is what helps create a strong, identifiable brand presence in the marketplace and promote a united front to your target audience. For Kate Rooney, Brand Director of Design Pickle, this was quickly identified as a top priority when striving for a more consistent, engaging, and strategic brand presence. 

Kate knew that when potential customers received emails from her agency team pitching marketing and design support services, inconsistent data and disconnected email signature branding would be the opposite of practicing what they preach. Especially in the marketing industry, brand recognition and a strong brand presence is the key to success. 

In an effort to build a stronger brand for Design Pickle, Kate decided that consistency was a non-negotiable. From top to bottom - i.e. website to email signatures - the Design Pickle brand needed to be clear, consistent, and flavorful (like pickles, obviously). 

The Importance of Perfection

Okay, so, most of us understand why consistency is beneficial, especially when it comes to marketing and outreach. But what can consistency actually do for you and your brand, specifically when executed across email marketing tactics like email signature banners? 

Well, you could take a page out of Kate and Design Pickle’s book and prioritize consistency and quality across a full suite of strategic email marketing components including email signatures and ad campaigns. In doing so, you’ll begin to realize that when everything falls perfectly into place, creating a united brand presence, your brand stands out as the consistent and clear choice to consumers. 

Every Email Should Be a Perfect Reflection of Your Brand

For Design Pickle, we opted for a few key solutions to help Kate and her teams shine in the inboxes of potential, current, and past customers. Here’s what we set out to tackle and achieve: 

  • Consistent branding across team email signatures
  • Simple, centralized management of signatures and email ad campaigns
  • Properly rendered email ad campaigns to promote latest promotions
  • Detailed Analytics to calculate ROI of email ad campaigns
  • Reasonable pricing and flexible plans to support different teams
  • Responsive and reliable customer support

Through a process that Kate describes as “effortless,” Opensense was able to transform Design Pickle’s targeted ad campaigns in a way that allows them to proactively communicate with customers, launch promotional campaigns, collect reviews, and market their upcoming events and webinars, all while exuding brand confidence and personality. 

Helping Design Pickle Stand Out

With a name like Design Pickle, you can imagine that this is a brand with flair, spunk, and style. And you’d be right. By putting this brand personality in the driver’s seat across marketing tactics, we were able to create email signature marketing elements that the Design Pickle team loved, and their customers loved even more. 

Creating brand elements that aren’t just engaging but also consistent is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to further your brand’s reach into the marketplace. Design Pickle saw increased engagement across their email signature marketing initiatives, and Kate saw a significant drop in how much time she was spending each day trying to update and adjust brand elements for employee signatures. Instead of wasting time tying up unnecessary loose ends, she and her teams benefit from accessible and convenient options across email signature tactics. 

Kate was pleasantly surprised when prospects and customers actually interacted with the email ad campaigns nestled into her employee’s email signatures. She says, “In my mind, the email signatures were there to enable our company to remain on-brand - but what I wasn't expecting was people to click and purchase. Since we’ve deployed the email ad campaigns, we’ve seen at least 17 purchases from our signature alone.”

Design Pickle’s spike in sales, engagement, and enjoyment as a result of refreshed and consistent email signature marketing tactics is just one example of how consistency can create growth for your brand. You can learn more about our partnership with Design Pickle here, or request a demo so we can show you how we can help transform your own email marketing campaigns here

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