Not Using Email Signatures? 5 Reasons You Should Reconsider

June 19, 2018

You've no doubt received several varieties of email signatures over the years. Some made you laugh (perhaps a funny quote), while others made you cringe (perhaps those large images that deliver as attachments). Think about those email signature examples that may have caught your eye or interest to learn more. Have you considered implementing email signature marketing as part of your overall marketing plan? Maybe you're diligent about insisting your employees use a consistent sign-off featuring your logo and business contact information. But can you do more? The answer is yes!

Here are five advantages to a properly executed email signature strategy that you may not be taking advantage of but should be.

#1 Brand Protection

Whether you have six employees or 5000, you know the importance of protecting your brand through consistent marketing practices. One rogue email signature can thwart those efforts. Every department companywide sends emails to outside vendors, partners or clients. In building your brand recognition, it's important to be consistent with your use of font, color or taglines. Some staff may be incorporating personal headshots, while others do not. You might find an employee including his or her own quote of the day. Each of these variations, while minor in some cases, can be confusing to those who receive it. Using centrally managed email signatures can eliminate this confusion, and instead help reinforce your brand image and message.

#2 Company News Updates

Email signatures are an excellent venue to make brief company announcements or to share industry news. If your company is launching a new product, there's a great opportunity to include a message with a link to a dedicated landing page for more information. You can track and manage the traffic from these messages and see immediate ROI. Maybe your business is opening a new location. Use your email signature to promote the announcement and invite recipients to an upcoming open house. Your company email signatures can be an untapped resource for promoting company news and offer a personalized way to share important information.

#3 Disclaimers & Disclosure Statements

Many organizations require disclaimers on all outgoing mail. While the jury is still out on whether these disclaimers are enforceable, it's still viewed as a best practice to include one. This is especially true for any department or staff member responsible for managing or sending proprietary or confidential information. Using a centrally managed email signature solution can make it simple to include customized privacy disclosures or legal disclaimers where needed. These disclaimers may include language around the intended recipient or may include language around a company's privacy policy. One common example we see is when someone selects "Reply All" instead of replying to an email individually. This is a simple yet common mistake that can inadvertently send payroll information, for example, to unintended recipients. While disclaimers do not remove the burden of disclosure, they can help alleviate some of it by outlining the intent.

#4 Calls to Action

Click here to learn more! As marketers, we know the importance of including a compelling call to action as part of any campaign. And what better vehicle than a company email signature? Email signatures are a great place to invite recipients to register for a webcast, download a whitepaper, or join for a live event. With centrally managed email signatures, you can embed links directly in your signatures to make it easy for recipients to follow you on social, contact customer support, or learn more about various pricing and packages. These call to actions can be helpful in attracting new business. Imagine if everyone in your company asked even one person to sign up for an upcoming webinar you are hosting. How many people could you reach? You could see powerful results.

#5 Accolades & Social Responsibility

Even if you don't have immediate news to share or events to promote, email signatures can be a great place to showcase your company's achievements. Whether it is a community sponsorship or industry recognition, including a brief line at the end of each email signature can boost your credibility. These types of messages can be supportive of your brand character and help foster an environment of loyalty and positive influence. Consider highlighting your support of local charities or potential involvement in local networking organizations. Show your active connection to the community and industry with each outbound email.

Regardless of your industry, any message your company sends should be the best representation of your brand. Use your email signatures as an effective mechanism for reaching your broadest audience and with an increased frequency that builds your brand reputation. If brand alignment is your ultimate goal, know that your marketing efforts are not reserved exclusively for advertising and sales. Tap into the communications your office engages in daily and sign each email with a brand-building message. If you're not customizing your email signatures, you're missing a significant opportunity. We'd love to show you how Opensense can help!

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