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Our New UI Kicks Off A Wave Of Improvements

February 20, 2019

Over the past few years, Opensense has grown incredibly quickly. We serve millions of emails each month and we expect to double or triple that number within the year. We have phenomenal customers like Salesforce, Mulesoft,, and the National Association of Realtors - and they are using us for amazing email signature marketing and sales analytics campaigns.

That said, our User Interface has always lagged behind our back-end technology.  If you though it looks like Opensense was designed by an engineer, you would be correct! I am an engineer by training and I was focused on building the most powerful and versatile email signature marketing platform on the market. Now it's time for laser focus on usability.

Introducing The Brand New Opensense UX

Introducing our brand new UI! Check it out in the screenshot below. With this new UI, we have spent a lot of time on cleaning up visual design elements, layouts and basic functionality. It's a vast improvement over what Opensense looked and felt like before.

And this is only the beginning, setting a foundation for numerous future improvements. We're actually calling it version 1.25 internally and its only one step on the way towards a full-on 2.0 release that we hope will set a new standard for usability and workflow intuitiveness.

Our frontend roadmap includes adding many UI flows to make design management even easier. Those changes to our frontend will also allow us to eventually do much better self-service signup flows. We will be adding embedded help screens in the near future, as well.

Next Up - Updates for iPhone, Android, and Salesforce

Coming next - UI and workflow updates to our various apps such as iPhone, Android and Salesforce will also be updated shortly. As we continue to push these changes out into our live products, after testing them ourselves, we hope you (our customers) will tell us how you like them and what we could do to even further improve.

Again, many thanks for being an Opensense customer. And if you're not a customer yet, we're very happy to set you up with a free trial to test drive Opensense and see how it could help you transform your email signatures into powerful account based marketing and owned media channels. Stay tuned and please feel free to send me us feedback. We are (always) listening. 

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