Sigstr ONE is Rocketseed Rebranded

August 1, 2017

(Update: 9/8/17. It looks like Sigstr has updated their link to not point to a Rocketseed branded page. This looks like the new link: The questions below still remain unless they can publicly state that they are not using Rockeseed. The server IP is which still reverse looks up to

Sigstr ONE vs Rocketseed

We keep tabs on all our competitors because we respect each one of them. We thought it's important for prospects to understand what exactly Sigstr ONE is. From our research, it is just a product developed by a different company, Rocketseed.

How do we know?

When we first heard of this product launch, we were surprised that the Sigstr team developed a solution that has the architectural characteristics needed for Sigstr ONE so quickly. It's not easy, we know! Well, it turns out that they haven't. Within their documentation, they reference a website/server named Here is a screenshot of which we can clearly see is a Rocketseed branded login page:


Why hasn't Sigstr developed this in house?

You will have to ask them that. Our guess is because it's not an easy technical solution to develop. A reseller/partnership relationship is probably the smarter move for them now. Sigstr is backed by some of the smartest business people in the email space including investors who were the founders of Exact Target (see High Alpha ventures). In the meantime, they may be trying to develop a replica of this solution in-house so that they do not depend on Rocketseed (this is just pure speculation).

Is it a formal partnership?

You will also have to ask them this. As a prospect, it's important to understand where Sigstr's responsibility ends and Rocketseed's begins. Who will handle the customer support requests? Will there be delays dealing with multiple parties? Are you allowed to call Rocketseed directly for support? If you have a product feature request, who will be responsible for delivery?

We could not see in their FAQ whether this is a reseller arrangement or a broader partnership. In fact, we see no mention of Rocketseed.

How is this different than Opensense?

This will be the subject of another article. Opensense has a patent pending solution that solves most of the problems you will encounter when trying to scale a Rocketseed type of deployment within an enterprise. If you are a Rocketseed prospect, we would love the opportunity to earn your business. If you are Sigstr ONE prospect, consider working with Rocketseed (or us) directly.

About Rocketseed

Rocketseed was historically based out of South Africa and re-headquartered to the United Kingdom. 

May the best email signature win!

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