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Social Media Icons for Email Signatures

September 12, 2017

Custom Social Media Icons Convey Attention to Detail

The ability to expose your various digital and social media properties in every email is one of the most powerful aspects of taking control of your email signatures. Paying attention to the details in your branding can go a long way in asserting how your brand is perceived. Ensuring that your social media icons are customized to reflect the color palette and branding guidelines of your organization is a simple and powerful expression of your company's attention to detail. Plus, as of April 2023, there are 4.8 billion people in the world who use social media, which means there is a higher chance to foster relationships by easily giving recipients a way to connect with you. We recommend 3 solutions to getting your hands on customized social media icons.

Solution 1: Customizr

Customizr is our preferred tool for customized social media icons. The beauty of this tool is that social media icons can be quickly and easily manipulated to allow you to create icon packs reflective of your color scheme. All motifs and aesthetics can be met because Customizr gives you the ability to create icons with variations in size, shape, opacity and background color.

Some Examples:

Twitter logo

Twitter w/ round icons and large social media logos

Microsoft Logo

Ex. Microsoft w/ square icons

LV logo

Ex: LV w/ white background, large social media logos

Solution 2: Perfect Icons

If you're interested in having alternate color schemes for each of your social media icons, Perfect Icons might be the perfect solution. This tool is similar to Customizr in that it allows you to alter the size and shape of the icons easily. What sets this solution apart, however, is that you have the ability to implement "Hover Effects" on each icon. This feature alters the appearance of the icon as you hover over it with your mouse. The effect is stunning, and displays a high level of polish.

Solution 3: Iconfinder

Iconfinder is a marketplace for various types of icons. You wouldn't believe some of the interesting sets of icons they have for sale on the website. You can subscribe to their website and download up to 25 icon packs for $9/month, or buy individual icon packs for anywhere from $5-$15. Normally, we wouldn't recommend buying icons when there are tools such as the aforementioned Customizr and Perfect Icons. However, if conveying your uniqueness as a brand is of importance, you've got to check this source out.

In Conclusion

Social media icons are the cherry on top of the sundae. They can bring your email signature together, and provide a delightful experience for consumers of your brand. More importantly, they convey a sense of professionalism, polish, and attention to detail that can help to set your brand apart.

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