The Future of Display Ads Includes Your Inbox (Opensense + RollWorks)

July 26, 2022

What if you could combine two of the largest, most effective channels for connecting to your audience in a B2B marketing world? You don’t have to wonder anymore. By combining the power of web and email, marketers are able to target top accounts throughout employee email communications thanks to the RollWorks + Opensense integration

When it comes to account based marketing (ABM), marketers and sales representatives are often left feeling like there’s limited opportunities for automation or efficiency in their role. Thankfully, by combining web and display ads with one-on-one email, they can launch personalized ABM campaigns with ease. Gone are the days of ripping your hair out while staring at customer data, hoping it’ll suddenly make sense. 

Thanks to the seamless integration of RollWorks and Opensense, account based marketers can launch powerful targeted messages for their target buyers and guide them through various stages of the buyers journey - without losing their interest.

Hyper-Targeting Your Audience

Most marketers are familiar with segmenting their target audience, but by breaking down your audience even further, you can tap into qualifiers like role, demography, company, and more. But if you want to get even more specific - and effective - you’ll need to leverage opportunity stage segmentation in order to target the customer based on their very specific stage of the buyers journey. Stage-specific email ad campaigns can keep recipients engaged throughout every phase of their experience, helping to nurture and engage them.

Stage-Specific Targeting

Depending on where your recipient is in their journey, you can tailor messaging in a way that encourages them to engage with your content and continue through the funnel.

In the Hunting Stage, you’re just warming up the account. This can often feel like a drag, because this is where most marketers lose their leads. If you’re struggling to get results, you can extend your display ad creative into your buyers’ inbox and subtly - yet effectively - turn each email into a targeted ad channel. 

In the Assigned-to-Representative Stage, your company’s sales reps are now actively engaging with prospects using Gmail, Outlook, Salesloft, and more. As your buyer interacts with your creative, tasteful email ad banners, your CRM is able to capture advanced engagement information, delivering stage-specific banners that will nurture these connections. You can leverage these valuable insights to inform your next move…

In the Negotiation Stage, your buyers have moved through the funnel and are now more attentive to your messages in their inbox (score!). They’re in an active email exchange with your sales representative, whose email ad banner adapts to share targeted case studies, an industry-specific testimonial, or a limited-time promotional offer that feels like it was made just for them. Get the champagne glasses ready (or crack open the keg), it’s almost time to celebrate.

The beauty of integrating RollWorks and Opensense is that this doesn't have to be an intensive process…no scouring through spreadsheets, reading through customer data, and piecing clues together. You can also launch all of the campaigns directly within the RollWorks portal.

Seal The Deal With Opensense + RollWorks

Now that you’ve allowed your Opensense and RollWorks integration to help you simplify your customer’s journey and warm a cold lead into a piping hot one, it’s time to close the deal and make the sale - or whatever your organization considers the “big win” moment. 

Your audience is right where you want them, and now it’s up to your capable sales representatives to sign, seal, and deliver those sales. Usually, their energy would be tapped by this point, having invested countless hours and endless energy into nurturing these leads throughout every stage of their journey. But thanks to their new integration, they’ve got plenty of energy to spare and are eager to spend it on making the sale and celebrating a job well done. 

Put Your Data Where Your Mouth Is

Not only has this integration allowed your team to unify their messaging and engage with your target audience in a way that makes you more money, it’s also enabled you to capture and measure the impact of your campaigns thanks to RollWorks performance reports. 

After a few successful weeks of nurturing, you’ll be able to share impressive results and data with the rest of your organization, allowing you to further refine your campaign and messaging strategies in order to experience even more growth. 

Track employee success, unify communications, and celebrate more sales as a result of your Opensense and RollWorks integration. Get in touch today and we’ll help you get started! 

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