What’s New & Improved (July Edition)

July 29, 2021

Learn more about what’s new in Opensense - and how your team can make the most of these incredible features.

Split Domain Sending for Marketing and Ops

If your sales team is sending high volumes of emails, your email servers need to be set up for success.

Your deliverability depends on it. 

If you want your Opensense emails to end up in your customer’s inbox instead of the spam folder, listen up. 

With our newest release: Split-Domain Sending, you won’t have to choose between beautiful email signatures and protecting your email reputation. 

You can have both! 

This feature is focused on protecting your primary email domain’s reputation and improving your overall deliverability. 

What you get:

  • Get consistent branding across all emails sent by your company, including those sent through bulk email services
  • Optimize your inbox delivery rate through flexible routing options 
  • Better protection on your primary email domains reputation

Total Expert integration for mortgage companies

Opensense integrates seamlessly with Total Expert Integration, the marketing and customer experience platform for the mortgage and financial services industries. 

Mortgage lenders and brokers using Total Expert can personalize and target email ad banners based on any Total Expert attribute. 

What you get:

  • Automatically target email ad banner based on the recipient's segmentation in Total Expert
  • Automatically capture leads who click on email ad banners back into Total Expert
  • Add email ad banners to Total Expert email templates

Banner CDN  

Last but not least, we're serving banner ads through the CDN for lightning-fast delivery and an overall better user experience. 

Well, there you have it.

To our customers currently using Opensense, be sure to reach out to our Customer Success team to let us know what you think. Are there more features you’d like to see our team take on? 

If you’re not currently not using Opensense and want to see a demo of our product in action or want to chat with someone on the team, give us a shout by clicking this link. 

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Director of Marketing
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